Friday, May 19, 2006


So I am an extremely crafty person and I enjoy everything craft related. I am currently very much into beading and jewelry making. My favorite element to use in my jewelry making is Swarovski crystals. They are so yummy and sparkly! Well lately I have been very interested in vintage Swarovski crystal beads and I found an excellent site to buy them. I haven't made a purchase yet but just looking at them makes me salivate. The site is pretty low-tech but the beads make up for it.

Also continuning with my love of Swarovski I have added this place to my future travel destinations. It's called Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds). It's located in Innsbruck, Austria and it's pretty much a art museum/garden/park dedicated to crystal. They even have some work in there by one of my favorites, Salvador Dali.

Speaking of Salvador Dali if you have never been you need to get down to St. Petersburg Florida and check out the Salvador Dali Museum! I checked it out in January when I was down there and I have to say it was pretty awesome! When I got there some hot guy asked me to take a really quick survey and I got a bumper sticker out of the deal that had a picture of Dali on it and it said "Get Surreal." One of my favorite pieces besides of course "Persistence of Memory" is "Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea" which close up is of a nude woman looking at the sea, however when you squint or step back a ways it's Abraham Lincoln's mug. Excellent!


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